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25 Years of Customer Satisfaction

As a leading provider of IT services and solutions for the past 25 years, our biggest obsession is our customers. Lauren has and always will be a company that is focused on delivering value and building relationships. Over the last 25 years in business, the biggest challenge we have faced is keeping pace with the ever-evolving technology trends and helping customer adopt these new solutions. But having successfully done that for over two decades….today we are over 500 people spread across multiple geographies and have serviced over 650 customers across India, the Middle East and Africa and have formed the highest level of partnerships with the world’s leading tech giants like IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, HP, Dell, VMware, AWS, Checkpoint and many more!


The Way Forward…

Sources predict that Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is projected to grow by 43.6% in the year 2018 alone, reaching $40.7B in value globally, making this area the fastest growing of all cloud services today. In India alone, we have observed the change in mindsets among CXO’s over the past few years as they have realized the value of cloud computing. At Lauren, we believe that helping customers embrace a cloud-managed IT presents significant advantages and will help in implementing a forward-thinking IT infrastructure that is built to last for years to come.


Today CEOs cannot separate their business and IT strategies. Digital Transformation has been a buzz among IT circles for a few years now and it has become imperative that companies adopt agile business models that integrate IT strategies. We have identified this need across industries and are keen to help customers adopt such agile IT models. Big Data Analytics, AI, IoT have become key to spurring innovation towards more intelligent decisions, better customer engagement and reducing operating costs. A couple of years ago AWS first announced their “server-less” architecture service. A decade ago, a developer would have never imagined that code could run without having to take the pains of setting up a server. However, none of these innovations are surprising anymore. For example, a micro-service based serverless architecture is being adopted by IT teams across enterprises as they have realized the benefit it gives to reduce time-to-market. Enterprises have incorporatedDevOps practices and have already realized the value. With a single team of cross-functional members all working in collaboration, through continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) and automated deployments, organizations can deliver with maximum speed, functionality, and innovation. Whether its AR/ VR solutions or voice-based AI to assist employees and customers, implementing a futuristic digital strategy and securing data while doing so have become CIO’s priorities. That being said, IT teams need to be able to deliver on such initiatives quickly and at low costs.


We adopted Cloud and started servicing customers on the cloud over 5 years ago. As one of the first AWS, IBM and Microsoft partners in the west, we have built skills and gained knowledge across cloud environments and today we carry all the expertise and experience required to help our customers make the best possible use of the cloud.

Lauren’s Cloud Solutions Group has been created to help our customer strategize & achieve their Cloud goals! The vision of this team is to create value propositions for customers by architecting cloud modeled applications that are future-ready and secure. Whether it is taking a first step towards the cloud by migrating your workload, creating complex big data workloads to facilitate better decision making or driving an IoT initiative, we want to journey with our customers and help them manage and secure their cloud environments. Companies that have experienced the value of cloud computing are adopting “fail fast” approaches. While we have adopted a similar approach internally with our product and development teams, when it comes to our biggest asset- our customers, we are fully committed helping them “succeed fast”.

Rawlin Pinto – Chairman

Lauren Information Technologies

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